What We Do

We connect you to possibilities

We help all sorts of people borrow money for all sorts of things. We are here to make your life easier. We’re not here to judge or take up your precious time.

If you need a hand, here is how we can lend it:

We are experts in assessing clients who are self employed
We assist clients sourcing cash for home renovations, personal or business use
We help clients increase their cash flow
We help clients who are heavily in debt and struggling to make ends meet
We source funding for commercial purposes
We help close those credit cards and personal loan facilities that just won't go away
We find solutions for clients who are credit impaired ie default, court actions and judgements
We assist in funding the purchase and refinance of residential homes
We source funding for construction of residential homes

plane How the process

Know your ‘why’ and conduct research

We help you review the property market

Gauge the value of the property (If purchasing, determine the deposit.
If refinancing, determine the need)

We work together

Speak with us – discuss your requirements and objectives

Provide documents for a preliminary assessment

Meet with us in person

Discuss Conveyancer/Solicitor options

Proceed with the application

Get approved

We submit with chosen lender

We provide milestone updates for each stage

We call you when your application is conditionally approved

Review of security – valuation, pest and building report

We call you when your application is formally approved

Time to execute

We take you through the loan agreement

We address any questions you have

Loan documents are signed and sent back to lender


We liaise with your Conveyancer / Solicitor

We suggest settlement time and date to the lender

Lender confirms settlement


We take you through any questions you may have

We continue to provide you with financial services post-settlement

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